Saturday, February 14, 2009

13 year old becomes father

I found this on the internet and i thought it was a good example of what NOT to do.A 13 year old british schooolboy has fathered a child with his 15 year old girlfriend.It was born on a m0nday.He admitted he had not thought about how he and his girlfriend would support baby daughter named maisie roxanne, but vowed to be a good father. He didn't think about how he would afford it because he very rarely got any pocket money.


  1. LOL he would be in trouble I mean underage sex and kids at 13 thats just wrong i feel sorry for the parents of the kids and the name of the baby is horrible in my opinion


  2. true i think its terrible how kids of thirteen are having kids its just wrong i would be ashamed to be the parent of that boy!!


  3. He has just lost the best part his life for a child! He could of all over Europe for not to much with his friends but now he has a kid to look after!

  4. its very bad that this is happening i would be ashamed to be the parent of that boy