Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi everyone! This is my woodmonsta. His name is firenze the fierce. He lives in a cave deep in the mountains and loves to eat meat and vegetables.

He has red scales and razor sharp teeth. On his back he has golden spikes and deep blue eyes.

He likes flying through the skys at night and sleeping through the day


  1. I like ur woodmonsta, he is cool as. Ur blog is also pretty cool

  2. i agree with 0ther boy. ur w00dm0nsta is awesome. c0mpletely 0utta the subject but i like ur h0rse 2! =)

  3. hey nice Woodmonsta

    Like your blog and pet as well

  4. Marvellous illustration, DragonRider - I am impressed that you were able to draw a splendid image then scan it and post it. well done.